Showing off our official outfit camo, Zebra!

Fish in a barrel.

Silly Dandy parking his sunderer on a pipe.

Battle Galaxy!

Hybrid Ops Night Moved

Due to some real life stuff making me (and I think everyone) busier on the weekends, Ops night has been moved to Thursday nights, at 7 PM. Attendance is highly encouraged! 

 I'll also be starting up those feedback threads after each ops nights so you guys can yell at me and discuss improving our tactics.

Vital Information 10/6/12

Vital Information update!

Characters have been wiped, and all but two servers have been temporarily closed. There is currently one West and one EU server. Obviously this can pose some problems for our Euro people, as they can get tolerable pings on a East server but not the EU. If you guys want to give the US server a try, go ahead, but I understand if you want to stick to the EU server (or wait for US server East launch). 

Also, don't forget to have fun on Esamir, the new snow continent. Access it by using the warp terminal in the warpgate (main spawn room, with a big globe symbol over it). 

Additionally, I've been seeing that the server is full from time to time. Just keep trying.

Join Hybrid Teamspeak

We're still playing Vanu too! Remember, today is our ops night, so try to get on and play sometime.

Contributors Wanted!

With the launch of the new Hybrid website, we've decided to take a more content-heavy approach. This entails more member-generated articles, videos, and screenshots. If you want to help make a Hybrid recruitment video, or want to start a discussion with an opinion piece about the beta, feel free to contact me. Many of you have strong opinions about Planetside 2, and I encourage you to share them. Additionally, we need people to put together a recruitment video. Funny, serious, or somewhere in between, people willing to help me with this (or head it up themselves), go ahead and shoot me a PM or make a post.